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Chamaedorea Palm

The Parlour Palm, or Parlor Palm in America, or by its Latin name of Neanthe bella is one of the most sought after indoor palms around today. The reasons for this couldn’t be more straight forward – It thrives in our homes and workplaces where other species may struggle and it’s also one of the cheapest palms you can buy

* Medium sized grown plant

* Click on extra images to view sample of standard pot that the plant comes in

*pots relative to plant size




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Chamaedorea Palm

Light: A light position but will also handle some shade.

Temp: Average warmth will need misting if its really hot.

Water: Quite regularly in the growing season and rarely over the winter months.

Feeding: A liquid feed every month or so.

Tip: Brown tips on the leaves mean the humidity needs to be raised, give it a misting.


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